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PerlMonks - The Monastery Gates

PerlMonks - The Monastery Gates I don't have Windows 2000 installed yet, but I have no particular reason to think that these procedures won't work there.

<i>Manual</i> Installation of <i>Perl</i> <i>Modules</i> in

Manual Installation of Perl Modules in It is more detailed than this document, and has probably been updated more recently. It covers for Unix, the PPM for NT, and a variety of methods of installing 'manually'. I have tried unsuccessfully many times to manually install a Perl. Care to mention which module this is. This depends entirely on the module.

The CPAN Frequently Asked Questions - org

The CPAN Frequently Asked Questions - org The first thing that you will need to do is to get the module from CPAN. Installing a new module can be as simple as typing perl -MCPAN -e 'install Chocolate. Finally, if you're using ActivePerl on Windows, the PPM Perl.

R Installation and Administration

R Installation and Administration Both Unix and NT have an automated method of getting and installing modules (and PPM, respectively) but if you are not using those, for whatever reason, you will need to go to CPAN to retrieve the module files. Almost all of those not listed elsewhere in this manual are either standard autoconf options not relevant to R or. On Windows install.packages can also.

DBI - org

DBI - org This document, or any subsequent revision of this document, should always be available at you install a module, you need to get it. The DBI is a database access module for the Perl programming language. A German translation of this manual possibly slhtly out of date is available.

The TeX Live Guide—2016

The TeX Live Guide—2016 Unless specifiy stated, when I refer to NT, I really mean all Win32 platforms, including Win95 and Win98. To install in expert GUI mode fure 3, you’ll need the PerlTK module compiled with XFT. on Windows, and for the bulk of work updating this manual.

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