Silent hunter iv manual

Full text of Silent Hunter 4" />

Full text of "Capt-n-Scurvy's Silent Hunter 4 B ¬ęte & 'Jf 1 1 T *, t % Imperial Speed Calculations Time Target Ship for 2m:58s Round Off Yards Traveled by l OOth's equal Knots i.e. Introduction These instructions are to aid you in learning to play Silent Hunter 4 with the "Hh Realism" settings in the Options Menu enabled. Both American.

Doc's Rainy Day Web Site Game Review & <em>Manual</em>

Doc's Rainy Day Web Site Game Review & Manual The American side of play uses a fine tool ed the Position Keeper which (if read properly) can do almost the same calculations for you. A 'simulation', or sim, is a computer game that mimics every aspect of real life. 'Silent Hunter 4' places you inside a U. S. attack submarine smack-dab in the.

Sim-Deck <strong>Silent</strong> <strong>Hunter</strong> 4 - <strong>Manual</strong> Targeting. -

Sim-Deck Silent Hunter 4 - Manual Targeting. - 400y=4kn 900y=9kn 1400y=14kn 2500y=25kn 3300y=33kn *o J ' . It has been about 4 years since I last had this Submarine Simulation on my pc. With a full mod installed on top of the standard game it is.

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