Scratch off lottery ticket security manual

NCEL Retailer Rules and Regulations - NC Education Our Approach About Game Sense Appropriate Response Training Standards Visit Game Find clear guidelines on how to sell, validate and payout lottery games. POLICIES AND PROCEDURES MANUAL. No Lottery Retailer may sell any NCEL Lottery Tickets at any location unless that. specified draws for draw games and prior to revealing/scratching the Instant tickets. 15. out area for easy access and monitoring for purposes of security and prevention of.

AltuRA - Kentucky Lottery Adhering to these Policies will help you to build public confidence in lottery games and increase your customer loyalty. Manual Method –Ticket Builder 36. Powerball 37. 5 For security reasons, ticket stock CAnnOT be. For Scratch-Off tickets, scan barcodes OR manually.

Scratch Tickets - Iowa Lottery OUR APPROACH TO REPONSIBLE GAMBLING Keeping gambling fun for all players is an important part of being socially responsible. The first product sold by the Iowa Lottery was an instant-scratch game ed. 0,000 Riches · Little Black Game Book scratch ticket. Player Security; How To Claim A Prize; Self Exclusion Program; Bets-Off; Links; FAQs; Contact Us.

ALTURA LoTTeRy TeRminAL - NC Education Table of Contents Overview Definitions Section 1 - GPEB Registration Section 2 - Lottery Retailer Database and Certification Section 2.1 - BCLC Lottery Retailer Database Section 2.1.1 - Lottery Retailer Database Procedures Section 2.1.2 - Lottery Retailer Database Privacy Notice Section 2.2 - BCLC Lottery Retailer Certification Policy Section 3 - No Play at Work Section 3.1 - No Play at Work Section 3.2 - Lottery Retailer Prize Claims Section 4 - Sale of Ticket Policies Section 4.1 - Sale or Distribution to Minors Section 4.1.1 - Customer Age Verification "ID 25" Section 4.2 - Sale of Tickets at Face Value Section 4.3 - Charging Additional Fees Section 4.4 - Selling Only BCLC Authorized Lottery Products Section 4.5 - Customers Must be Present Section 4.6 - Watchdog Policy Section 4.7 - Forgotten or Found Tickets Section 5 - Ticket Cancellations and Returns Section 5.1 - Altura Lottery Terminal Ticket Cancellations Section 5.2 - Lotto Express Ticket Cancellations and Returns Section 5.2.1 - Lotto Express Ticket Return Procedure Section 5.3 - No Credit on Expired Tickets Section 5.4 - Damaged Shipments Containing Tickets Section 6 - Ticket Validation and Prize Payout Section 6.1 - Sning of Tickets Section 6.2 - Ticket Validation Section 6.2.1 - Online and Scratch & Win Ticket Validation Procedures Section 6.3 - Terminal Freeze and a Major Win Section 6.4 - Ticket Validation Difficulties and Terminal Freeze Section 6.5 - Pull Tab Ticket Validation Section 6.5.1 - Pull Tab Ticket Procedures Section 6.6 - Prizes Paid in Cash Section 6.7 - Return of Tickets and Validation Slips Section 6.8 - Prize Payout Limits Section 6.9 - Self Service Terminal Voucher Validation Section 6.9.1 - Self Service Terminal Voucher Validation Procedures Section 6.9.2 - Self Service Terminal Voucher Expiry Section 7 - Financial Section 7.1 - NSF Fees Section 8 - Lottery Retailer Agreement Service Standard Remedies BCLC's Policies regarding Lottery Retailer roles and responsibilities are set out below. Lottery. Terminal. Altura. Lottery. Terminal. Retailer Reference Guide. JULY 2016. To contact the NCEL Security Division 24 hours. 888-732-6235. Press “2” for Scratch-off Tickets, Contracts, or Accounting. Press “3” for Player Hotline.

Action Briefs Questions About InstaPlay? - Iowa The Policies, as amended from time to time, form part of the BCLC Lottery Retailer Agreement between BCLC and those parties that BCLC authorizes to provide lottery retail services. Security coating to scratch off and no draw-. Just like with tickets in lotto games, each InstaPlay ticket has a. may also manually enter the.

BCLC Lottery Retailer Manual - These include Lottery Retailer certification, sale of tickets, ticket validation, progressive discipline procedures and various other general matters. Section 6.2.1 - Online and Scratch & Win Ticket Validation Procedures. BCLC's Policies regarding Lottery Retailer roles and responsibilities are set out below. “Lottery Retailer” means a person contracted by BCLC to sell lottery tickets and. Family Members will undergo an investation by BCLC Corporate Security.

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