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GMax GM54S Modular Street Helmet Product Reviews Some people have egg-shaped, some round, some long. I love the way it fits so much better than my Harley helmet. the sun visor is easier to use and is adjustable to varying hehts, very cool feature. haven't used the.

GMax GM54S Modular Helmet - RevZilla Sure, it still holds true for the inundation of cheap, low-quality helmets on the market, some of which (at first glance) resemble their pricier competition. GMax GM54S Modular Helmet Review; 1 Modular Helmet Overview and Sizing Guide; 1 Motorcycle Helmet Sizing Guide. Round_oval Shape Round Oval.

Review GMax GM54S Modular Helmet Some, such as Scorpion and the lower-end HJCs, have earned a following and reputation. It’s also a logical and affordable next step for those currently wearing open-face helmets but interested in upgrading to something with more protection. While many debate the relative safety of modulars compared to solid full face helmets, the pop-up chinbar and face shield can help provide a blast of air on a hot day, make communication easier and still offer much more protection than an open-face. The GMax GM54S modular motorcycle helmet is a full-featured package for less than 0.

GMAX GM54S Modular Motorcycle Helmet Review - The past several years, however, have seen a rise in hh-quality, moderately priced helmets that offer many of the qualities of those on the hh end of the price scale. GMax has packed a multitude of features into this helmet, more than almost any other modular available for under 0. View this video featuring the GMAX GM54S Modular Helmet product and shop other similar.

GMAX GM54S Modular Motorcycle Helmet {Best Modulars usually have more interior space than full face lids, which is appealing to buyers concerned about feeling claustrophobic. GMAX GM54S Modular Motorcycle Helmet. 4.4 34 reviews. GMAX. 9.95 -. Reviews, modular, flip up visor, price, looks, color, # of vents, metal latching.

GMAX GM64 Modular Motorcycle Helmet Review - I find they offer a better fit for the “unique” size and shape of my head. View this video featuring the GMAX GM64 Modular Motorcycle Helmet Review and shop for other.

GMax GM54S Modular Helmet - Jafrum At one time, not too long ago, “you get what you pay for” may have been a reasonable rule of thumb when buying motorcycle helmets. GMax GM54S Modular Helmet. 230 SKU #GMaxGM54SSolid. Write Review. List Price 9.95. Sale Price 1.96. You save 10%. This Product.

GMAX GM68S Review - webBikeWorld So I'm officially claiming this to be the last webBikeWorld review of 2007, thus making the GMAX GM68S helmet elible for our annual "Best of".

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